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CurrentCare: Rhode Island’s Health Information Exchange

Coastal Medical is encouraging all its patients to consider enrolling in CurrentCare, a free, secure, electronic health network that gives doctors and other healthcare professionals access to your most up-to-date health information quickly so they can treat you with the best possible care.

Click here to enroll in CurrentCare

Like many Coastal patients, you may see other doctors outside of your primary care physician who prescribe medications and testing. You may even go to several locations for lab or diagnostic tests. Your records may not always be sent back to primary care physician's office. This disconnect can make itdifficult for your primary care physician to coordinate your care. CurrentCare provides a way for your healthcare providers to get the most up-to-date information when treating you.

CurrentCare FAQs

What is CurrentCare?
CurrentCare is RI's Health Information Exchange, a free, electronic network that keeps your health information secure and private until a participating medical provider needs access to treat you.

Who can see my health records?
Only physicians and medical facilities who participate in CurrentCare can access the network. In RI, every hospital and many physicians use CurrentCare to manage health records. Employers, health insurers and others do not have access.

Why join now?
By enrolling in CurrentCare, you'll start to build an electronic health history, including lab test results, medications, and doctor or hospital visits. Doctors who participate in CurrentCare can use the information to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your overall health care needs
  • Make sure costly tests are not duplicated and that your medication combinations are safe
  • Access potentially life-saving information in an emergency, if you cannot speak for yourself

Must I enroll?
You choose whether or not to enroll in CurrentCare. You also decide whether all your doctors can access your health information, or if you prefer to grant health care providers access only in an emergency. Nearly 221,000 of your neighbors are enrolled in CurrentCare; more are joining every month.

How to enroll in CurrentCare online

Use this link to enroll in CurrentCare.
Note: to be sure you are noted as a Coastal patient, follow these two easy steps:

  1. When asked, "Who referred you to enroll in CurrentCare?" please select "Doctor's Office"
  2. When asked "Doctor's Office Location", please select your primary Coastal Medical office.

Coastal Medical recommends that all our patients take advantage of CurrentCare's valuable, free service if you have not done so already.

While Coastal encourages patients to enroll in CurrentCare we do not administer the program. If you have any questions about CurrentCare or the enrollment process please call (888) 858-4815 and choose option 3.