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2016 Management Blog

The Health Care Workforce of the Future

Added on: 03.04.16, by Meryl Moss, MPA, EMHL

The ever-changing health care environment means new demands on clinicians and other staff members. Coastal Medical, an accountable care organization (ACO) in Rhode Island, ranks third in the nation for quality among 333 Medicare Shared Savings ACOs. Coastal’s Chief Operating Officer Meryl Moss describes how her organization is reinventing the design of their workforce to better care for their patients and more effectively engage their employees.

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Webinar “Learn from Leaders: Moving Medical Practice to a Value-Based World”

Added on: 02.03.16, by Meryl Moss, MPA, EMHL

How do practice leaders, executives and physicians, work together to create service and clinical excellence? How can these leaders build a corporate culture that fosters employee engagement and accountability?

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No More ‘Shining Stars’: Why Teamwork Should Matter to Accountable Care Organizations

Added on: 02.02.16, by Meryl Moss, MPA, EMHL

Why Teamwork Should Matter to ACOs

People often ask me about the secret to Coastal Medical’s success in improving population health.
How did we reach the top 1 percent for quality among ACOs? How did we reduce unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits? How did we so quickly develop, pilot, and scale up new programs for high-risk primary care patients?

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