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Heart Failure (HF) Classes at Coastal Medical

Coastal Medical offers a FREE series of classes for Coastal patients that provide information and support for those living with HF.  Register


Session 1: Heart Failure Basics
Learn about the causes and the symptoms of HF. Understand how HF affects your body and your HF care plan

Session 2: Heart Failure Medications and Heart Failure Flare Ups
Learn about HF medications and treatment options. Review the causes of HF exacerbations and how to control your HF flare ups.

Session 3: Heart Failure and Stress Management
Learn how stress can impact HF and learn strategies to manage stress.

Session 4: Health Decisions and Planning Ahead
Discover how to have a voice in your health decisions when you can't speak for yourself

Session 5: Heart Failure and Nutrition
Learn how managing your diet and sodium intake can help decrease your symptoms and prevent a flare.

Session 6: Heart Failure Activity and ask the Cardiologist
Meet with a physical therapist and learn how regular exercise can help you better manage your HF. A cardiologist will be available to answer questions you may have on heart failure. 

There are no classes scheduled at this time.