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COVID-19 Information and Resources

Vaccine and Treatment

For information about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, please use the drop-downs below:
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Vaccine Updates

As of 5/11/2021

  • The RI Department of Health (RIDOH) is now vaccinating all people 12 years of age and older. Towns are also giving the vaccine (see section below for more info). Click here for COVID-19 Vaccination Information in Your Community
  • You can make an appointment at state vaccination centers and town vaccination sites posted on the RI Department of Health website,
  • You can also sign up on the websites of retail pharmacies at and
  • To receive updates as eligibility opens to new groups, click on the following link: Join the RIDOH’s Vaccine Interest Notification List. Enrolling in this list does NOT guarantee an appointment for vaccination.
  • Coastal patients may have the opportunity to receive the vaccine at locations other than Coastal Medical offices. If you are eligible for the vaccine through a non-Coastal location, we encourage you receive it through one of those other community resources.

Coastal is committed to keeping you informed with the most current news regarding the COVID-19 vaccine availability in Rhode Island and at Coastal Medical.

Please see below for an update on the COVID-19 vaccine from Coastal Medical's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ed McGookin:

Click here to listen to the vaccine update

Click here to read the vaccine update

Vaccine General Information

Frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Sheet

What You Need To Know About COVID-19 Vaccine

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe?

How mRNA Vaccines Work

What Happens After Your COVID-19 Vaccination?

When You've Been Fully Vaccinated - How to Protect Yourself and Others

What Underlying Medical Conditions are Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccinations (age 16 and above)?
Underlying Medical Conditions

Treatment for COVID-19 remains limited at this time. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and meet certain criteria, your provider may recommend treatment with a new investigational medicine. There are benefits and risks associated with this medication and a discussion with your provider is important. These medicines have been authorized for emergency use for the treatment of COVID-19 by the FDA.