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New Ways We’re Caring For You & COVID-19 Updates

Internal Medicine: click here to read important adult office updates as of 4/13/2020

Family Medicine: click here to read important family medicine office updates as of 4/13/2020

Pediatric Medicine: click here to read important pediatric office updates as of 4/13/2020

We are experiencing a healthcare crisis that is dramatically changing the ways we live and work in a very short span of time. Please know that Coastal Medical is here to care for you. To ensure your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of our staff, we need to make changes to the way we serve you. We remain deeply committed to caring for you during these uncertain and unprecedented times.    

When you or your child is feeling sick, do not hesitate to call your practice. We are now providing care in new and different ways by expanding our services to include visits by phone and telemedicine* visits as appropriate. Rest assured, your Coastal clinician will always provide you with the right care in the right setting.

Respiratory Illness
We will continue to screen all patients for Coronavirus exposure over the phone and will recommend the type of visit that is most appropriate for you. We may suggest some patients with respiratory illnesses who are otherwise healthy remain at home. Our advice to you will be based on your medical history and the updates we receive from the public health authorities. A Coastal clinician will assist you in determining a plan of care during a telephone or telemedicine visit.

COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 testing in Rhode Island is becoming more widely available. If you or your child is feeling sick, please call your practice

Routine visits and follow up appointments
Our office staff will be contacting patients who have in-person visits scheduled. We recommend conducting these visits by phone or using telemedicine as appropriate. Taking advantage of these alternatives to face to face visits will allow you to receive the care you need while limiting your potential exposure to Coronavirus.

Feeling Sick?
Adult and Pediatric patients, call your practice first if you are sick*. We'll help you determine the best care for you or your child. Coastal clinicians are available to care for you when you are not feeling well. This includes speaking with you over the phone, seeing you through telemedicine, or caring for you through an in-person visit when appropriate. Please do not walk into your Coastal office without an appointment

*In the case of a true emergency, call 9-1-1

Behavioral Health Services
We understand that the effects of the COVID-19 crisis go beyond physical ailments. You or your family members may feel alone, scared or overwhelmed. Coastal’s behavioral health team stands ready to address your stress, fear and the behavioral health circumstances that we know will increase during this extremely challenging time. If you want the help of our behavioral health team please call your Coastal clinician. You can also click here to view available community resources if your family needs assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying safe
Staying at home and limiting contact with others—also known as “social distancing”—is one of the most important things we all can do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Governor Raimondo has recommended all schools, daycares and senior centers close. Additionally, other businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, are taking action to limit group gatherings. We are also urging all of our patients to avoid crowds of more than 5 people and to limit non-essential activities. This includes activities like working out at the gym, going to the hairdressers, or gathering with friends. We all can play an important and active role in limiting the spread of Coronavirus in our communities and among our families. .

If you have questions, please contact us using the patient portal. Our staff is here to answer your questions.    

Coastal Medical is committed to serving our community and keeping our patients as safe and healthy as possible. You will continue to receive updates from us in the weeks to come.

If you have questions about the Coronavirus, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website at

Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare.

*What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a service that allows you to video conference with a clinician using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learn more about telemedicine.

Patients with a patient portal account can access and schedule telemedicine services without any delay. Don’t have a patient portal account?  Call your Coastal practice, today!