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Weight Management Program

Consultations and medically supervised treatment plans for Coastal Medical patients seeking to lose weight.

Coastal Medical’s Weight Management Program helps our adult Coastal Medical patients achieve their weight and health goals through evidence-based, individualized treatment plans.

All treatment plans include recommendations for changes to diet and physical activity levels. Anti-obesity medications will be discussed, and prescriptions made, after assessment of your medical condition and personal preference.

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Who might want to consider working with a weight management program?

Coastal patients may want to consider the Weight Management Program if they:

  • Are interested in developing a medically supervised weight loss program that includes use of anti-obesity medications
  • Are considering weight loss surgery or other weight loss procedure and would like assistance with decision making and referrals

Mindset is very important when attempting any change. When you enter this program, you should be:

  • Willing to make changes in your food choices and activity level
  • Able to devote the time needed to implement your treatment plan, including regular follow-up appointments
  • Committed to making long-term changes for long-term results
  • Aware that not every treatment works for every person and that reassessment and adjustments will be needed and should be expected

Note: This program does not include management or prescription of very low-calorie liquid meal replacements. We can provide a referral to local programs if desired.

Program Services

Comprehensive consultations
Initial consultations will include a weight history, an assessment of past and current health status and a lifestyle assessment. Past and current medications will be reviewed as they relate to weight loss and gains. After discussion we will formulate a weight loss plan tailored to your needs and weight loss goals. Follow-up appointments will be arranged to be sure your plan is working and to adjust as needed.

Coordination with other providers
Coastal Medical’s Weight Management Program utilizes the same medical record as your primary care practice and will keep your primary care provider up-to-date and involved in your treatment plan. We will also consult with any of your medical specialists as needed or as requested by you.

Prescribing and monitoring of weight loss medications
There are currently six FDA approved anti-obesity medications. We can provide in-depth discussion about their prescription and use as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Nutrition counseling
At your initial consultation we will discuss various diets and eating strategies with the goal of finding a plan that is acceptable and effective for weight loss. There is no one diet plan that works for everyone and your plan will require periodic reviews and adjustments. We do not provide highly detailed meal plans but we work closely with registered dietitians, both inside and outside of Coastal, that can provide this type of service if desired. We can refer you or you can ask for a referral directly from your PCP.

Physical activity recommendations
Physical activity is vitally important for overall health and maintenance of weight loss. We will work together to find activities that are both acceptable and doable for you.

Support in making successful behavior and lifestyle changes
Sleep, stress and a host of other behaviors all impact health, wellness and weight loss. These subjects are addressed at each appointment and referrals to other providers such as registered dietitians, mental health providers, sleep specialists, physical therapists or trainers are made as appropriate.

Assistance with referrals and decision making around weight loss surgery and other bariatric treatments
Our program has relationships with the weight loss surgery programs in Rhode Island. We can help answer questions and assist in making the decision to consider surgical treatments for weight loss.

Insurance Coverage
  • All visits are billed as routine office visits. Co-pays and deductibles will be the same as regular medical visits. If you are unsure if your plan covers weight management treatment, please contact your insurance provider.
  • Coverage of anti-obesity medications varies and is determined by each patient’s unique insurance benefit package. Coverage can be determined by checking your plan’s pharmacy benefits list or calling your insurance plan’s pharmacy benefit manager.
  • Coverage of care provided by referrals to others is determined by the patient’s health insurance benefits. Whenever possible referrals will be made to providers within a patient’s insurance network.

Next Steps

Coastal patients wishing to utilize the weight management program need a referral from their Coastal primary care provider. A referral can be requested through the patient portal or by calling your Coastal Medical primary care office.


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