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Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

If you are a Medicare patient, your Coastal primary care provider will recommend that you schedule an Annual Wellness Visit. Annual Wellness Visits are FREE (no co-pay) and available to you each year through your Medicare Plan.

This is a personalized, conversational visit that gives you time to discuss your health in detail with a Coastal Medical clinician and have your questions answered.  Our Medicare patients have found Annual Wellness Visits to be valuable regardless of their health condition. This visit does not replace your next scheduled visit with your primary care provider; the wellness visit is in addition to your regular appointments.


At your Wellness Visit, our Coastal clinician will:

  • Create an actionable health plan based on your health goals
  • Conduct important health screenings, review your medication list and health history
  • Provide education on Coastal services and programs that help you achieve your health goals
  • Assist you in getting referrals
  • Share information from the visit with your provider

Call to Schedule Your Annual Wellness Visit: (401) 330-2480


Who is eligible for a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

You are eligible if you are a member of the following plans:

  • Medicare
  • BlueChip Medicare
  • United HealthcareAARP
  • Neighborhood Integrity (Midcare-Medicaid Plan)
Where are the Annual Wellness Visits administered?

Your visit can take place either at your primary care provider's office, or at a participating Coastal Medical office that is most convenient for you. You can choose to have your visit in our East Greenwich, East Providence Internal Medicine, Garden City, Greenville, Hillside Family Medicine, Providence Edgewood, Wakefield or Warren Avenue practice.

What should I bring to my to my Annual Wellness Visit?

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • All of your medication bottles, both over the counter and prescription
  • Vitamin bottles
  • The names of your specialty providers(HF)
  • Your insurance card
  • Photo Identification
A few things to consider when preparing for your Annual Wellness Visit
  1. Would you like to share your health information with a family member or friend?
    If so, please bring their name and contact information so it can be added to your health record.
  2. Do you need help deciding whether or not to have a procedure or surgery?
    Let us know. Your doctor can help you make decisions at your next visit.
  3. Have you visited any specialists since your last visit?
    If so, please bring in the specialists’ names and contact information so your health record can be updated.
  4. Do you have any health changes since your last visit?
    Please let us know so we can update your health record.

We look forward to meeting with you to help reach your healthcare goals!